Appointment Time Reminder

I need to send a reminder to users 10 minutes before their appointment. A reoccurring event that loops every minute, 24 hours per day, checking if any appointment times are 10 minutes out seems to be the wrong way to do this.

I’d like to say “when condition is true…” in a backend workflow, but this isn’t an option.

Please advise on how I should properly deploy this feature.

Can you do it the other way?

Say I set up an appointment for 10am tomorrow.

When I do so, can you schedule a backend workflow to send me a reminder where the scheduled time would be the date and time of the scheduled appointment - 10 minutes?

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How do you propose triggering the workflow through? We can’t use DB triggers because if nobody is doing anything with that datatype, it won’t know the time has come and passed. I could put actions all over my site that change a single number in the datatype, using user action as a way to constantly have the database trigger call the workflow to check if there are appointments. Seems like an every-minute recurring event might be my only option.

It triggers at the time for which you schedule it. Hence “scheduled workflow”.

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I have an app that, when the user clicks a button, the app sends out a text message and an email.

Rather than have the user sitting there, waiting for the tasks to complete, I instead call a workflow for the text and another for the email. On both I set the time to run as current time +5 seconds.

You would basically do the same thing. But the scheduled time would be appointment date and time minus 10 minutes.

Send the data to a backend workflow that does the actual work.

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