Trigger a workflow at 12:01am every day

I know others have had a similar question, but I’ve been unable to solve this with the existing treads. I’m trying to reset a number in the database every day at 12:01am. The “Only When” logic in the backend API workflow does not allow current date/time is current date/time:rounded down:to days, and I haven’t been able to get any other logic to replace that. I’m only trying to reset 1 number.

Does anyone have any suggestions for doing this? Thanks!

But in your case it it would reschedule WF1 for 12:01am, and you prob can replace WF2 if you have a very basic workflow like a single action changing stuff.

Or I completely forgot about Recurring Events, maybe just use that, personally I don’t use them but maybe also useful?

Thanks for sharing! It’s just none of them seem to allow the logic I’d tried above, or even setting for a specific time. Unless I’m just totally missing something, which is also totally possible. A screenshot of how you’d do it would be amazing if possible :slight_smile: I’m trying to set a number (data field = Todays Uses) to 0 in the database data type called Stats.

I’d also like it to tigger automatically, rather than on the click of a button.

This screenshot:

“Schedule WF1 for tomorrow at 6pm”

Would be the “Schedule an API Workflow” action, and scheduling for Current date/time + days 1: rounded down to date:+ minutes 1

Yea its just a button to kick off the first workflow the first time, notice WF1 gets scheduled forever everyday in the loop of arrows

WF2 would be a lot less complex for you, and could probably be replaced entirely with just a “Make changes to a thing” action

Ok thanks! I’ll try to work through that tomorrow (it’s late here :)) Appreciate the help!

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