Approach to implement Embed Code

I’m building an app that requires a user to add a code to their website. Just like Intercom, Klaviyo and other software that require the website admin to add a piece of code to their website for it to work.

How do I go about doing it?

Thank you

Good luck with that. There’s very little discussion of building widgets like this at all (and nobody’s built one with Bubble AFAIK and you certainly can’t do this in vanilla Bubble — you’d have to write a bunch of code). However, there is one article that is quite enlightening and includes a link to an open source project that works rather identically to how Drift works (because it was written by a fellow who worked on/ created the Drift widget).

Find that here: How to Build an Embedded Widget with React & Redux | by Ryan Baker | Medium

Aside: I’ve been interested in this topic for quite some time, but the above is LITERALLY the only cogent discussion of this topic that I’ve found. (Aside from others, like me, saying, “well, this is interesting and modestly helpful”. If this were even moderately complex to implement I’d already have a plugin and guides to doing this sort of thing, but it’s not simple WRT Bubble, there’s no demand for this, and I keep finding other things that are more achievable to fill my time.

Is this the answer to our prayers? 🚀 [PLUGIN] Advanced iframe / Embed website - #29 by aestela

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