Javascript Embed Widget

Does anyone know if it is possible to make a Javascript Widget out of a Bubble app?
One that an individual could copy the code and then embed a piece of the app on their own website?

Here is an example and use case of what I am thinking of:


That would be great. I think the best workaround people have done so far is an iframe or webview.

I’ve done it via frame, but love the functionality this example one uses, such as the full screen popup (not just a popup in the frame). And I am guessing this type of widget would load more consistently across all browsers, where as the frame doesn’t always show up


Hi @gf_wolfer, I am doing some resarch on this topic. Did you implement the javascript embed widget in the end?

No I have not, I am still curious if this is possible / what it would take

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Also interested, does anyone have any insight here?

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Has anyone figured this out? I’m also seeing a use case for this in one of my apps.

Anyone had any luck? Looking to do the same.

Use gitbook. It will allow you to embed external content, available in the cloud.

Any luck here?
I am scraping the forum for a solution for this and so far, nothing consistent.

Try using the HTML as an iFrame