Arbitrary text not displaying in Group Focus

I am creating a pop up window with some simple text in. This is displayed when the button ‘Instructions’ is pressed/clicked. The arbitrary text is not displayed in the Group Focus when it is invoked. Here is the set GroupFocus configuration:

And here is the workflow:

This is what is displayed on preview:


Any help would be appreciated!

Yeah this is not how “type of content : texte” work.

What you’ve done is declared that this groupfocus is of class “text” and as a value of “Arbitrary text”. But you never display your text.

You’ll have to place a text element in the groupfocus, and you’ll place your arbitrary text inside this text element.

You can also refer from the text element to the GroupFocus’s text.

I thought it might be user error!

Thanks for taking the time to reply and solve it for me - all sorted now.

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