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Group Focus displaying nothing

Hi guys,

I have created a Group Focus to house my dropdown menu. However, for some reason, the Group Focus is displaying absolutely nothing. I clearly don’t know how to use this feature and would love some help.

Here’s some screenshots:

The menu within the Group Focus:

But the Group Focus displays nothing:

Hi @danp1995mail :slight_smile: I think your setup is correct! When previewing the element in the element tree, I think GroupFocus elements always show nothing within them for some reason. It should show up correctly in preview mode if you have the GroupFocus element attached to a reference element, and then have a workflow which is (for example): “When Button A is clicked” --> Element Actions --> Show: Menu Focus

Hi @fayewatson, unfortunately it also doesn’t pop up in Preview mode even though I have that Workflow set up. This is what I have:

Does the reference element have to be the same as the element that gets clicked?

That looks correct as well, can you share a link to your app in the editor mode? (set to public)

I’m not quite sure how to do that @fayewatson?

If your app is set to private, on the left hand side in the editor click “Settings”, then change it to “Everyone can edit” (This will be changed back after)

Then the editor link is just copy+pasting the URL of the app in the editor (so it would be something like :slight_smile:

@fayewatson Thanks for the instructions!

No problem! :slight_smile: In your app, there is a group called ‘Menu Background’, which is sitting over the top of the group with the buttons making it seem like the buttons are not showing up.

If you delete the Menu Background group, and the second Group L (nested within Group L), that should remove the elements covering or interfering the menu buttons. Then I would change the background color of either the Menu itself, or the Menu Buttons group using the background color (Flat Color) option:

Thanks so much for your help! I will try this :slight_smile:

My pleasure! :smiley: Groupfocus elements can be tricky to structure, let me know if you have any trouble!

@fayewatson Hi Faye, it still doesn’t seem to be working. When I click the logo in Preview, nothing pops up :frowning:

Ah my apologies, I didn’t see this before but the Menu was set to not be visible on page load, I just checked this and now it shows correctly:

This is a little confusing - even though it is set to visible on page load, it won’t appear unless the logo image is clicked. :slight_smile:

There we go! I had a feeling it’d be something really simple. Awesome, again - really appreciated :smiley:

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No problem at all! :smiley:

Just quickly while we’re here, any quick tips for getting the menu to appear directly centred under the logo? I’m struggling to get this to work across different screensizes.

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Never mind, I figured this out! About time I did some work.

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