Are check box values stored?

As the title says, are check box values stored (as either checked or unchecked)? For my app, I specifically want them to NOT be stored.

Said another way, if I just created a very simple app with an email and password log in functionality and a page with a series of prompts with check boxs, are the values associated with the users’ choices (checked or unchecked) stored anywhere by default (ie absent creating a custom state, ect)?

I hope this makes sense. Thank you!

No. Data will not be stored from any input, including checkboxes, unless you explicitly store them somewhere, either as a field on a thing in your database, or temporarily on the page (in a group, custom state etc).

Does that help?

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Thank you so much, Matt.

As a follow up - in my case, the check boxes are purely cosmetic? This would be actually what I want; I want users to feel like they are checking a list, but actually not store their responses (or have them retrievable ever because it could be PHI).

If you don’t save the value anywhere then yes they would be purely cosmetic The value they hold is a yes/no (Boolean) type value, but if you don’t save that anywhere your user’s selection will be lost when they navigate away from the page.


And that selection if not saved anywhere is only denoted cosmetically by the check or absence of a check?

Yes :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Matt! You have been so helpful!