Are elements in a group given the same min width as group itself?


I’m having a bit of trouble making my “general availability” calendar responsive for mobile. As you can see it looks fine on a 1200px screen.

But because I had the group’s width as fixed at 435, it’s not fitting on the 375px screen.

Fair enough. It’s too big. So I unchecked the “Make this element fixed width” box and set min-width to 60%. (so 60% of 435 = 261).

But it’s not resizing to 60%! Is it the case that you need to set a min width for ALL of the individual elements within the group??? Any thoughts would be much appreciated as I’m at a bit of a loss here.

You have to check element by element and group by group and check the behavior. You have to be sure that your elements will fit at this size. You can also hide elements for mobile or create a special version for mobile.

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Every row of the checkbox element must be grouped and groups have to be fixed with.

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