Are there any good Docs for plugins?

Hello guys, I’m a JS developer wondering whether it is worth it to start creating plugins for this cool platform, I tried to look into the docs, but it is literally like just a few pages saying literally nothing much (Building Plugins - Bubble Docs)

Do y’all have any materials or docs, or anything that I can reference in my plugins?
I’m looking for hooks and explainations such as for example Main Class | Elementor Developers

Is here anything similar?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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This course by @copilot was very useful. Not too sure if it’s 100% up to date with Bubble’s Plugin Editor, but it’s worth a look.

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Definitely out of date especially with the new node update and change to docs coming. Theres some good basic stuff in there though

Could you provide some more info about the upcoming update?

Hey @dbevan, thanks for the shout-out!

@chris.williamson1996 The Plugin Development course is getting an update to address all the new features and considerations for Version 4 of the plugin development API. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to get updates. :slight_smile:


All the documentation, such as it is, is in the plugin builder itself. Also, this platform is no longer cool and the plugin API itself is crap. So, spend time on this at your own risk, @rob.hostak.

Source: Creator of one of the most popular “open source” Bubble plugins.


This isn’t even relevant. Server-side plugins are a no-op as Bubble marks up AWS Lambda execution by about 1000%. Nobody can use these anymore.


Also, the client-side actions api is worthless. So your only option is the client-side element plugins. If you want to learn how to build these go inspect all of my open source client-side action plugins. You’ll barf.

@keith Any new hobbies if u aren’t #Bubbling?

Hello, thanks for the input, I’m about to join a job where they’ll want me to learn Bubble, could you provide some alternatives that you find more “cool”? If there is any obviously.

@eli 's videos was what educated me: Bubble Plugins - Part 1: Building a dropdown element - YouTube

(and looking at other people’s plugin code)

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