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How to Build Custom Plugins for Bubble

Hey Bubblers!
I’m making a new course called How To Build Custom Plugins For Bubble.

It consists of two modules:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript (lessons designed and optimized for No-Code developer, easily understandable);
  2. Build custom plugins with the Bubble editor;

Here some other details:

  • This course will improve your skills as Bubble developer because you’ll be able to create your own elements, actions to expand your project capabilities.
  • You’ll learn by watching me building a Bubble plugin (Video+Screen shares)
  • Bubble Plugin project, with JS source code, will be included in the package

Are you interested?
:white_check_mark: IF YES: what would you love to see in the course?
:x: IF NO: any concerns/doubts? Or just not your stuff?

I’m excited to teach this topic, plugins have been tremendously helpful for me, let me know what you think.

Link to the course: 71 Lines — Build Custom Plugins For Bubble
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Nice, great initiative! Definitely interested.

If it comes to course content I would say that you shouldn’t hold yourself back with advanced stuff.

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Thanks buddy, lessons on fundamentals of JavaScript are very easy to understand for a Bubble developer, but I’m still concerned that people might see them as an obstacle :slight_smile: So your feedback is much appreciated!

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Great and needed resource!

I would love to see useful scripts in there that can be used in Bubble actions. Example: some APIs require a 2-step approach where the first call finds and retrieves a required token to be used on the second one that finally gives you access

Tayloring your JS lessons for use with frequent “bubbling” is a great idea.


Uh nice call, I’ll make an example on this topic! Thanks

:key: Probably the boilerplate Plugin project is going to be about Social Authentication / Oauth 2.0 (Slack or Twitter).
Do you prefer something else?

FYI I’ve just released the course! It includes:

  • a detailed explanation of the Bubble plugin editor;
  • how to create plugin’s elements, actions and dealing with data/REST APIs;
  • how to integrate a JS library in the plugin;
  • a boilerplate project plugin that pulls data from Twitter and performs a sentiment analysis using a JavaScript machine learning library.

More info here



just a thought: in your js basics course, I think it would be great if you would also cover things like accessing elements and overwriting HTML parameters eg setting height and width, etc, and do simple animations. I personally use this a lot when building mobile-first apps (ie. make sure something covers the full height of the screen). (Maybe its already covered - just guessing based on the syllabus…)

Thanks for the feedback @d9999
You can find samples on how to add/change/remove HTML divs on any website:

  • at lesson 4 — Interacting with the DOM (of the Chrome Extension course)
  • at lesson 12 — Callbacks and Events [project] (of the JS for No-code developer course)


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had a look at two of your courses - great content!

as an idea for a future course (or just a cheat sheet): CSS basics for bubble :slight_smile:


Sure definitely. Video based I hope.

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Any chance a bubble plugin could be written in CoffeeScript?

You’d have to transpile back to js I believe