Are there any instructions on how to use the tinder plugin?

I am new to bubble and am trying to use the tinder pile plugin and was wondering if anyone had had any success with it and if so if they would share their insights with me. Thank you for any assistance you can provide

I am just about to use it, if I can get my Google places to work. So will let you know how I get on.

OK, so you add the plugin, and place the tinder pile on the page.

You then need to set up the images that you are going to display.

So here I am searching for Lists, and using “link” as an image (that is what gets shown on the card). You can add a caption too.

Then it is just a matter of setting up what happens when you swipe right or left. So set a status, or whatever.

Nigel. Thank you I will try this out.


Let us know how you get on, we can demo it in the forum app if you get stuck.

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Nigel, If you could create a Demo that would be wonderful. I am currently storing images in 2 different fields (i.e. exterior, interior).

  • Exterior is one image and
  • Interior is a repeating image group

but I want the pile to be able to show the Exterior image but when the user clicks on the image the user can then scroll between the Exterior and Interior image groupings.

Does this seem like a rational way to do it and what training / examples would you suggest to make this easier for me to accomplish?

I am confused as to how to set statuses, but I presume that I have to link the status from one user to the other so they get notified…



Ok I am stuck on the workflow of the Tinder.

When Tinderpile Piece is swiped left

When Tinderpile Piece is swiped right

What do we want to happen in the workflows for each of these events? I simply want the list of pictures to move to the next one. In addition I am seeing an x in the tinder box instead of a picture.

Also should I be saving images as images or files for the Tinder thing?

The swipe left and right allow you to set attributes based on the action. I am told that on tinder it indicates if you are I interested in the person or not.

So it could just be a yes/no on whether the user is interested in a product item or property or whatever.

Swipe left … Workflow updates status to “not interested” etc

Awesome. Thanks Nigel. For my purposes it might be more useful to just use a repeating group.

Yes, I think if you just want to display pictures that would be simpler. Not sure if the is a scrollable carousel ?

Are you still going to make that demo,because that would be extremely helpful

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Hey! is it possible for the pile to display a list of images people would be able to look through before swiping instead of a single image?