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Ask me to build a free plugin for you

Creates a Ranking plugin where it shows the numbers ordering each ranking position.

Can you give me some examples? Like is it about retrieving data from database to rank it, or user may input in some fields and the plugin do the ranking job for the input?

I have just created this plugin, and you need to assign the workflow (save url to DB) maunally which is quite easy. But temporarily there is a minor problem (I think is in the workflow) that I need to click a button 2 times for the first time to save url, then I just need to click the same button one time to save url.

Basic setup


What’s the difference between this plugin, and the built in ‘This Url’ dynamic content in Bubble?

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Just tried it, there seems no different in assigning the url to database. Thank you for pointing out.

Used the built in “This Url” and set up the action in the workflow, you can save the url to the database.

I didn’t mean any disrespect, I was just curious.

No problem. If there is any built-in functions that can suit the needs, we will use it for sure.

I have tried to simulate CKEditor 5 Classic version. Some features are missing and some button icons haven’t changed.

Reference to the HTML CKEDITOR.

If anyone need more features of the plugin (like special characters, source, font style, etc), feel free to send me a PM if you’re interested.

Ummm… isn’t loading ck4 (when looking at the js framework)?

Very nice from you to be looking at this!

Hi, i should have précised i was thinking to get the url of any external web page (and not bubble own app url). eg. bookmark an external webpage and capture / save its url in the bubble DB . But i guess it requires to create a chrome extension, maybe not so simple.

Also, I think having a free plugin that allows to remove background image could be very useful. there a existing solutions, but either they are not free or they require to use a 3rd party tool, so not very user experience.


I’d love an ‘add to apple wallet/google pay’ plugin to add passes etc (i.e not cards) :pray: :sweat_smile: :crossed_fingers:

Getting url from external web page needs the help of Chrome extension, and here is a website to make the extension. And I have found a video about building extension, if you are interested in it and like to build some features in it, feel free to PM me.

So far, an existing plugin Removebg with API is a simple way to help you remove background image (tried it in remove bg website). Or maybe need to find other opensource library so that we can use it to remove background.

Feel free to go to the below link for the updated version of the CKEditor 5 Classic Plugin, some use cases are included.

Update some progress. Just released a free plugin - Image Slider.

If anyone have some plugin ideas or need support to implement your app, feel free to let me know.