Ask me to build a free plugin for you

Hi everyone!

I am a developer starting out in the no-code space. I am looking to get myself familiar with Bubble by developing new plugins.

I have developed 4 plugins so far:

ScrollUp - A simple tool to help you go back to the top of a webpage

numberGenerator - A tool to generate a number ranged 1 to 100

Specific Word Count - A tool to count the number of appearance of a specific word

Double Bar Chart - A tool to generate a chart for easy comparison of category items

I am looking to develop a few more plugins and I’m looking for ideas! Comment below with your plugin idea and I’ll pick at least 1 to build. The plugin will be made available to everyone for free on Bubble. I will take no longer than a week to deliver your plugin.


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Build an infinite draggable folder management tree with folders opening / closing :smiley:


Sounds like a great idea! I have looked into this. It may take a while to build. I’ll see if I can get it done quickly.


Hye, I just checked out your plugin. Amazing. Maybe you could add a duration. Instantaneous breaks a bit the UI experience.

Keep up the amazing job,


Thanks for your feedback! I would keep up the work. :fist_left:

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Not how things work … :sweat_smile:

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It’s not my idea, it’s something that has been missing from the bubble platform for years. In case you didn’t know, Bubble only produces web apps, so any native app functions are highly requested by the community. One of these functions is the GPS in the background, which we don’t have so far because apparently it’s not possible yet, but maybe you can shed some light… :smiley:

@cmarchan its an exciting idea but I wanna clarify a bit!
I’m guessing what you want is dragging a folder to see the structure like this?
Or is it just an frontend element to manage folders?
Would be nice if you give me some references on this.

i need a plugin for Square’s ordering Sdk/Api - I’d like to sync orders and payments (i can do the orders right now with other plugins but no one has gotten the payments to work yet)

Could you give me a bit more detail on the operation of the plugin?

Front end :smiley:

A plugin that allows users to have a button that pops up a window to ‘buy me coffee,’ only instead of paying someone with currency the person who wants to make a payment can pay out some of their points earned on the app.:blush::pray:

Thanks for your idea! I will build this plugin after finishing the work in my queue.

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I’ll look out!

Created the basic appearance of the plugin that is recorded below, and I will continue to do this plugin if I have time.

If anyone is interested in this plugin, welcome to share your idea!

Thanks @cmarchan for the idea! And thanks @hugolee for the support!


I searched for Square API, and looked on this webpage. Are those payment actions you looking for?

Can you tweak this plugin with typewriter effect when it insert text on rich text editor? Please, I think this will be super easy!

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I will look into it after finishing the work in my queue. Thanks for your idea.

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Thank you buddy!
If in any case, I would be glad to maybe pay for this just to maybe get this up more sooner.
Thank you so much again!

An idea out of my mind.

Maybe build an image slider plugin but with a customizable UI on top of visual element, like arrows, dots, text description, automatic and manual sliding options, you something to manipulate with not only visualize.

To add an example like this:
But more customizable.


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