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Ask me to design a free logo for your startup/app

I’ll see what I can do after responding to the previous ones. Thanks


Your logos are very impressive!
Would you be able to create a logo for my new startup Details of what we do can be found on that website. A white logo would be my preference but happy for you to experiment with that. I’d love for it to be able to work in my current header where the text ‘PUKTAG’ currently is.


Hi Mr_shine :wave:t5:

Wow I definitely love the result! :star_struck:
It’s definitely a good job :clap:

Thanks a ton for this wonderful job :pray:t5:

Please could you send another picture, the parrot alone, that I use it as app icon?

Here you go. Glad you like it.


hi @Mr_shine - Really like your stuff, great work!!

I am currently building out (not launched yet) a consulting platform for Bubble Database designs. The heart of a good app is a well constructed database and this does require some technical skill to get this right. My platform is a one-stop platform to get a well-structured database design. Just upload your scope (and all information you have about your app) and we deliver a DB diagram for you.
Currently it is called DB for Bubble, but as that is against the rules of Bubble, I would go for “DataBreeze” right now.
The quickly setup marketing page can be found here (

You can take all freedom you want with colors and style.

Very curious at the outcome, but if it doesn’t fit your schedule, no worries! Already a great initiative for sure!

Is the name The Business Toolkit then? Any color preference?

That’s the name of the business, yes. There are no colour schemes at the moment so go wild and choose whatever you like!

Okay, I see. I’ll come up with a simple, quick idea

Hi. Here’s your logo. The idea is to combine an element of toolkit and business, so a screw cap and a tie can symbolize toolkit and business respectively. The font used is Poppin bold with adjusted spacing, positioning it as a modern and firm company, this blue color also help expressing it.

The email template is a support email. Since your startup is to help small & medium businesses to grow faster, an email for your clients to rate your toolkit would probably useful.

Hope you like it. Thanks


You’re on fire!!!

Can you try one more for me personally?

You can just see what I currently have for my avatar.

  • Fonts used: Koho




Gonna be opening up my new site soon and I think you might be able to help with a little touch :slight_smile:

And here’s your email template on top of the logo deliverd before. I decide to go with an email verification for new users. Because it is an app, so links for users to download your app is convenient. I decide to put an illustration to maintain your brand image, which is the green color, with the help of the button and workmark on top. Things kept simple.

May I ask the reason for the name “Puktag”? Any meaning to 'Puk"?

Thank you for checking. There is no meaning behind ‘puk’. It’s a name that I created.

Hello. Here’s your logo. I decide to combine the elements of your platform, which are secure, tag, messaging and QR code. The lock, chat bubble and tag are packed together with the shapes at bottom right form a big QR code, and it’s a big chat bubble too. I simply used the color of your website, and Outfit font for your logotype, neat & modern.

And the email template is the notification email, this is the most frequently used for your platform probably. It’s simple and the title already shows what it is, a button link to the chat page.

Hope you like it. Thanks.

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Thank you so much @Mr_shine ! This is amazing work and I think you captured what PukTag is about very well. I appreciate you taking the time to create the logo for me.

Best, Adam

Hi, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:
For the NFT content gating service, i was thinking of keywords like custom benefits, club, unlock digital content and benefit, customisation
In terms of colour, logo could be blue and black. Let me know if it helps.
Thanks a lot!


I see. And is there a name for your platform?

Hi. Here’s your logo. I implemented the idea of charts & data to symbolize database. I combined the the letters ‘D’ & ‘B’, the blue dot and long black stroke forms D while the two strokes form B. The colors are same as Bubble as your platform builds database for Bubble.

I made an email template of order confirmation as this is a frequently used one. I kept it simple , the information of the order. From my understanding, each customer, probably on behalf of a company, just purchase one plan, so it’s ‘your plan’. The button is to let your customers submit their plans right after, since they probably have some scopes about their businesses and purchase a plan.

Hope you like it. Thanks

HI @Mr_shine - This looks very cool! Awesome!

I maybe wasn’t clear in my description, but I am not allowed to use the name “DB for Bubble” as it includes Bubble and it is against the rules of Bubble.

That’s why I now want to go with “DataBreeze”. However, the lucky coincidence here is that we can use exactly the same idea, as it is also a D and a B.
So if you could just change the name in the logo from “DB for Bubble” to “DataBreeze”, that would be awesome!

Really happy with it!

Sorry for misunderstanding. Here are the updated versions. Thanks.

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