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Assign a thing to specific users

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to add a thing to a field (this field is a list) for a specific user. I select the thing from a dropdown and I select the user from a repeating group of user’s(displaying all site users).

This is my workflow:

The problem is this assigns the thing to all users regardless of who I select from the repeating group. I have tried different workflows, but I’ve had no luck.
I’d appreciate it if someone could give me a hand with this please.

In this example, you’re changing the entire list of users, but you only want to change one user. I think you want to use “Make a change to a thing…” instead of making a change to a list of things.

Hey, I have tried “Make a change to a thing” but I keep getting errors.

Can you share a link to your editor?



Looks like it’s set to Private, as I can’t access the page. Do you recall what error you were getting?

Sorry about that, I set it back to public.

This is the error

Ok, thanks for sharing. Here’s what’s happening:

You’re loading a repeating group with a bunch of users. You want Bubble to: Add campaign to every user in this list that has a checkbox checked. Is that right? If so, you need to specify that in the thing to change. The checkboxes are going to be the tricky part of working this, I think.

Another way to approach this is to have a field on the user that’s something like, “is Campaign Checked?” and have it be a yes/no. When the checkbox is checked, make that field change to Yes on that particular user. Then, when the assign button is clicked, add the campaign to every user who has a Yes in that field.

I understand what you mean, but considering that there will be more than 1 campaign, wouldn’t I then have to create a yes/no field for each campaign for the users?

That depends on whether or not you’re going to keep using the campaign dropdown as your solution. If you keep using that, you only need one checkbox. If that box is checked, Add this specific campaign to the user’s list, then set that value on the user back to no. It’s sloppy, but lets you keep the UI you have going.

Truthfully, I’d rethink how you’re implementing this functionality. I think there are probably simpler ways, to be honest.

lol. You are right of course. There was a much simpler way. I removed the check box and instead made it a repeating group of users. Then I set my workflow to display any name that was clicked on in a different group. Then I simply assign the campaign to the group’s user. It’s a slower method because I can only assign a campaign one user at a time, but it solves my issue for now! Thank you for all the help!!