Assign the products cart to the sepifc seller


I’m building a marketplace, where the shopper , can add products to the carts , then make creating an order , that will be visiable by the realted vendor of that particluar product , the problem that i’m displaying the products not the sellers , so when the shopper add to carts there will be more than one sellers associted to the carts , so the when the sellers viewe the orders , he will view other products that not related to his store !

How i can make the seller , view the orders with only the products he made ?

What is your database structure. If the cart is a field of products on the user then When you want to show the seller only the products he made you should do The User with the cart’s cart’s products :filtered where the seller of the product is = to current user.

Hi @foraanyas

Thank you for your support

I used a this plugin Orchestra (repeating group addon) Plugin | Bubble

It help select all the current cells in the repeating group , then i assigned every seller to the current cell , so when the shopper hit pay button , it will create an order for each cell that contains as well the seller

So when the seller view the dashboard he will find his order that only contains his product

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