How to make sellers see their orders?

I have a marketplace app where buyers can place orders, i am able to let the buyer see their orders but am having trouble letting sellers see their (ie creating the order the seller received from the buyer) orders and am not able to figure out how to do it,
Any insights will be greatly appreciated!

These are my data types

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I see you have a list of orders in the sellers shop

How are you currently showing the orders for each sellers shop? Can you show a screenshot of your repeating group’s data source? It should be as simple as sellers shop’s list of orders.

Although this would work if you were able to set up the workflows properly, this would be unscalable since large lists are not performant

I suggest you remove the list of orders field in the sellers shop data type and add a shop field in the orders. You can then just search for orders with a shop constraint.

Also, I suggest you add privacy rules to your data types :smiley:

Hi, there

I think is necessary create a new field in seller shop table. Create a relational field with Seller database. This way will be possible constrain for each seller in RG

So currently im building an spa and i have the sellers orders and buyers orders on the same page and i wanted just wanted to add a constraint where when user is buyer show their orders, when user is seller show their orders.

I see then i will go with your suggestion, ill try that out and get back to you.

thank you so much for your inputs.

Hey i did what you suggested but im not able to figure this out. @dualpixel @ntabs

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I see that you using another table - order.

If you want to filter the user that have a seller order or a buyer order you need to have a field relative to user table.

Like you have already in table order with buyer = current user

Try apply this field buyer = current user in another tables ( sell order and buy order). This way you will be able to apply the filter you desire.

i understand what youre saying but im not able to get it to save the value.

I think that you need keep in mind is necessary apply the user field in always table that you want filter by user after.
When the user create its seller order or buyer order just apply it in User field in this workflow.

PS. Remember after to active the privacy rules in these tables.

thank you

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