Assign unique, sequential numbers to existing records

I know how to assign unique, sequential numbers when I add new records.

I have a bunch of existing records. I want to assign them unique, sequential numbers starting at 1 using “Change a list of things” or some other method. It’s a trivial problem in code but I can’t figure out how to tell Bubble to do it. I’m sure the solution will be embarrassingly obvious once someone points it out :grinning: Thanks for any suggestions you have.


Rg with your items
Api flow with make changes to a thing
Schedule api workflow on a list

Upon pressing the button send the rg’s list as the list to schedule the api wf on a list

Bubble will run the list to make changes to each thing in the list

Thanks for the reply @cmarchan .
I have used RGs and “Make changes to a list of things” for other purposes so I understand how they work. I want to add a field called Sequence to an existing data type and put the number 1 through n in that field. I’m not on a paid plan so I can’t use API workflows. Is there some other way?

If I put the records in an RG, it assigns an index from 1 to n. I need a way to write that index into each record in the RG.