Sequential numbering of items by bulk edit action


I’m struggling on implementing a bulk action to change the field of a type called “order number” in order to populate this field with a sequential number.

In the single “create thing” workflow I’m easily getting the order number by using this expression:

order number = do search for “thing”: count + 1

but If I apply the same expression into an API Workflow make change action, I get the same number for all the records.

Thank you

Use a recursive workflow…

For a super in-depth discussion of this in Bubble, see this thread (but start first with the reply post I link to below):

More recently, I posted an updated solution that is more scalable and performant, here:


thank you for the suggestion, but in my case it seems not working:

the generated number is equal for all the records and ( total number of them )…

You’re not reading the very clear explanation in Morgan’s post carefully. You don’t just do this in some random backend workflow, you do this in a database Trigger workflow.


for what I understood, the field change would be applied on a database trigger, order creation in the mentioned example, but what I was looking for was a “bulk execution” of “incremental number” for each thing in my DB.

Ran a database Trigger against c. 250k records. It fired < c. 250k times. Not by that much, but it missed a couple.

Ramble on Sequential Numbering … A huge big massive IBM mainframe system running at an Italian Insurance company absolutely 100% no-excuses had to number invoices and receipts sequentially with no gaps unless you registered those gaps with the government.

The solution was non-trivial and the load testing extensive. We had to single thread a “dealer” to push out numbers. Which nowadays would probably look like an in-memory database (Redis or something like that). Still non-trivial.