Assigning Concatenated Values to a State

Hey Fellow Bubblers…

I’m trying to do simple text concatenation in the assignment of a State. So something like:

Contact’s First Name Contact’s Last Name

Which we do all the time when assigning field values, text element values etc. But no matter how or where I click, I can’t get the option to add the second dynamic value to a State.

Is this just a limitation of States, or am I missing something really obvious?

It’s a limitation. Maybe time to report it as we use more states now to remove server-side load?

Hey @JohnMark, thanks for the clarification. I just created an entry in the “Ideas” section of the Forum - be great if you can add a supportive comment to it!

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Hey @antony… just to add here that there is a workaround for this until Bubble apply a fix.

You need to ‘draft’ your expression within the Property Editor of an Input element.

See below… With the Content Type as Text, create your expression as you normally would within the Initial content field. Once you have finished then switch the Content Type over to Address.

If you right click on your expression now and copy it, pasting it into your Value field on the Set custom state workflow action then it should land just as you want it.

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Total aside which may or may not be relevant here: @josh has noted that situations where you can do this (compose an expression somewhere and paste that expression in a field where such expressions CANNOT normally be composed), but there MAY he good reasons that such functionality is not supported in the target field.

(And, this workaround or hack MAY be prone to being “fixed”, so it’s potentially fragile.)

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