Is there a way to use both dynamic and non-dyamic values together in a custom state?

Something like this

This is a screenshot of a textbox, I want same value to be used in a state, but can’t do it currently.

Any way around here?

Why can’t you do it? What happens? Share more details (:

Funny enough I just recently discovered this limitation. @vini_brito create a custom state, type “text”. Go to set state. Insert some text. Then try to add a new dynamic element. It won’t allow it like a normal field would.

Waa, you’re right! Whenever I face that limitation I intuitively use this trick, take a look:

Use a boolean and in the formatting fields build your expression. Then copy the expression to the other field, so it doesn’t matters if it resolves to “yes” or to “no”.


Thanks, @vini_brito, smart hack to the limitation.
But one issue here is that bubble is not allowing to set dynamic value in the default value.
For my use-case, I need a dynamic default value :confused:


Actually, I’ve never been able to set a dynamic value in the default value of a State. I don’t believe that functionality exists - Each state has to be set through the Workflow tab. (Hope I am corrected on this!)

Use a hidden group then! They’re superior custom states :smiley:
Build that at its data source, bulletproof way.


agreed, or expressions.

new easy way, try “prepare text” plugin, prepare dynamic text then put it to state.

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Yes… I’m using the hidden group in my app.