Assistance Needed for Calculating Total Hours on Bubble App

Hello fellow Bubble users!

I’m seeking assistance in calculating the total hours displayed in a Repeating Group (RG) on the same page. I have created a clock in-clock out system where users can view their work history and apply filters based on date ranges and projects.

My goal is to display the total hours in a dedicated box below the RG. This total should update dynamically as the user modifies the filters. I hope this explanation is clear.

For your reference, I’ve attached some images to better illustrate my query.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi there, @SimonG… try an expression that references the repeating group’s list of items, and then reference each item’s total, and then add the sum operator. So, something like RepeatingGroup Timesheet's List of Timesheets:each item's total:sum.

Hope this helps.


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