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High everyone,

I am just a few weeks into my journey and have learned a lot so far. I would like to thank everyone that helps out and answers questions here, I have found these forums to be a valuable resource.

Now to my problem. I am developing an app for users to clock in and out that let’s them choose what project they’re working on. I have successfully created a page with all of the work flows for the end user. I have also made an admin page for admins to view the data in a repeating group filtered by user and a date range.

I would like to add an area below my repeating group where I can break the data down by project. Meaning for the currently displayed user it will display each job they worked at, the total number of hours for that job, and the total pay for that job for the date range selected. Below is a mark up of what I would like to do.

I spent some time trying to add another repeating group but I can’t figure out how to make all of the data add up for a specific project, it was listing the same project multiple times sine the user clocked in to the project on multiple days.

I just can’t seem to wrap my head around how to accomplish this. If anyone has an idea I would really appreciate the help.


Hi there, @acaudill… if I understand your post correctly, try a repeating group with a data source and text elements that look something like the following.

Oh, and because you already have a repeating group with the invoices, I believe you should be able to replace the search in my example with the repeating group’s list of things, and then add the :group by operator.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I needed to do.

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Hello! Im actually working on implementing a clock-in and clock-out feature in my app. Im having trouble calculating the total hours between the clock-in and clock-out times, as well as adding this information to the same data row. Could you please provide guidance on how you were able to achieve this well-organized layout in your app? Thank you!

Hey Simon,
I’d be glad to help.

First off I found this thread very helpful while I was building out he structure. The user hanan1’s replies answered most of my questions.

For my Data structure I have 3 Data Types, Users, Projects, and Timesheets.

The Timesheets Type has fields User, Clock In Time, Clock Out Time, Project, and Total Hours

For the Workflows I have this for the Clock in Button.
Step 1: Create a new thing, Type Timesheets

Step 2: Make changes to a thing. Current User Clock In Flag. (this is so i can display a message like "You are currently Clocked In/Out)
Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 3.38.06 PM

Step 3: Display Data

Then for the Clock Out button.
Step 1: Make changes to a thing

Step 2: Make changes to a thing (this has to be a separate step)
Thing to change: Parent group’s Timesheets
Total Hours = This Timesheets’s Clock Out Time:rounded down to minute - This Timesheets’s Clock In Time:format as hours

For the groups that the buttons are in you need to set Type of content to Timesheets, and Data source to Search for Timesheetss:last item
Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 3.46.56 PM

Then it should have all of the data in the same row and calculate the total hours.

Hope that helps!

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Alex, I’ve been struggling with this for at least eight hours. Thank you so much, man. You really made my day, everything worked like a charm!

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