Associate a reservation to a user


I have created a datatype for the reservation but I don’t know how associate the reservation to the user ?

At the moment, this what I have on my database :

Hi there, @jonathan.panarotto… if the user is the one who is creating the reservation, then each reservation is already associated with the appropriate user through the built-in Creator field. If the reservation is being created on behalf of another user, you could add a field to the Reservation data type and link the field to the User data type.

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And how can I insert the data of the reservation on a page ?

At the moment, I have that :

Insert the data for which reservation on which page? I’m not sure what that has to do with your original question.

I have created a first page here:

People can make a reservation and choose the option and the quantity.

As soon as they click on the next button, the reservation is created in the database, however, I would like to display on the second page the data of the reservation in question but I can’t do it…

This is the link of my editor : Plateformegn | Bubble Editor

First, your issue checker is showing 61 issues… you should fix those.

Try setting the type of content of the second page to Reservation, and after you create the reservation, send the newly-created reservation to the second page as part of the navigation action in the workflow. If you do that, you will be able to access the reservation’s data on the second page by referencing the current page’s reservation.

I have this warning alert :

I have this warning alert

Read what it says…

Why would you send the current page’s activity (which, as the alert is telling you, is the wrong type of data)? You said you are creating a reservation, so you should send the result of the workflow step that creates the reservation.

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