Attach an existing Stripe account to Users

Hello, we have a large list of saved customers on Stripe and we are migrating to a Bubble application. The customers also exist as a database item from our old app and we are converting them into users so we have all that data in Bubble. We have the Stripe ID’s of each customer saved as a text field in the users database. However, the “user’s StripeID” field that all the plugins reference is a hidden field and I am unsure how to set that hidden field to the text fields we uploaded.

We typically have 1-3 staff users who will be actively signed in and they will be “checking out” the customers and we want that saved Stripe data to populate appropriately rather than capturing that billing data over and over from the same customer over their stay.

Any help is appreciated.

I don’t think its possible if you use the Bubble plugin as most of the plugin use "customer id " field that is hidden , you can’t update it.

Use the stripe API instead.

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Thank you ankur1, I am using the Stripe API to send charges to a new Stripe customer but am unsure how to connect our new Bubble users to their existing Stripe Customer data.


Export the user email and customer id from the stripe.

Create a field into Bubble - Customer id and upload your content there.

When you are calling the stripe api, pass the respective user stripe customer id.

Looks like I was using the API incorrectly. Seems to be working now using this method. Thank you!

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