Attach multiple groups of text to a parent, attach the parent to a project

The purpose of my application is for the user to record aspects of a project based on checklists.

The user first enters a project name and describes the endeavor. Next, the user selects a checklist. There are 11 checklists in total. Finally, each checklist has 5 to 10 items where the user inputs text to give specific details about that aspect of an endeavor.

I’d like the checklist input boxes to be connected to the checklist and the checklist to be connected to the project. In the future, I’d like other users to be able to edit project details. Something like Trello.

The first screen is where the user enters the project.

The next screen is where the user picks a checklist.

The last screen is where the user put in specific details of the endeavor related to the checklist they selected.

But what is your question exactly?

Do you load a list of checklists that is selected and added to the project? Or do you load a full list of checklist boxes that you can manually select to be added to a project?

The checklist is the list of typical activities and themes. In the example above, a person would manually list instances (column 3) for an endeavor (project).

Let’s say a manager wants an employee to work on a project. The employee could list instances of what they will do for each of the 9 themes/activities next to it in the instances row.

State Progress (in the example) is one of 11 checklists. There are other checklists that have spaces to enter instances. For example, State Impact (second picture)

After entering a project, I want the user to be able to choose a checklist and then enter instances for checklist items.

My question is how to make the checklist name (for example 3rd picture it’s State Progress) the parent of the instances on that page and then also make the project name (and endeavor) the parent of the checklist State Progress?

Each project will have many checklists. And each checklist has many instances.

But there will be only 11 checklists in total? That is a static list?

I’m still not sure what you exactly need, but let me give you an example of something that I implemented that might be helpful (or not :stuck_out_tongue:)

I have a data type of Job that has a specific set of checkpoints in a list (checklist) based on certain job conditions (type of job, service of job etc)

I load all the checkpoints in a single table, then add all the conditinal fields as well.

Checkpoint: Do x
Type: Y
Service: X

Whenever a new job (Project) is started I also run a scheduled API workflow on that big list, using the conditional fields as a filter.
That way I end up with a clean checklist for that specific project and can add all kinds of other fields to it that will just store information for that specific project, keeping the original list intact.

Structurally it looks like this:

Checklist Library (has the default set of checkpoints)
Checklist (has all the created checkpoints as a list for all projects)
has a thing of Checklist (which is a list)

So when I created a Project, by way of the API workflow, a new list of Checkpoints is created and added to the Project’s Checklist field.

You could create a project and then based on another selection generate a checklist. The next step in the workflow could be to add that checklist to the project as a new thing. That thing you can expand with different fields or you create another Thing that you attach to the project when you save: 1. Create Thing Z 2. make changes to Project: Thing Z= result of step 1.

Does this make sense?

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