User generated To-Do Check list issues

Hi Guys,

I’m working on a note taking app. I would like the Users to be able to generate their own To-Do lists.
In my mind the way this would happen is that I have a data type called “To-Do” When the user clicks a " New To-do" they are taken to the to do input container where they get a checkbox and can write their list. Each time they press enter a new row is created with a new checkbox where they can add another To-Do.

My database set up so far:

To-Do Data Fields:

How should I set this up?
Will I need to set up another field on the To-do Data type to be able to create a new to-do row and check box?

I would like the user to be able to name the list and then create their Checklist and also be able to edit it if they want
To-do Name = shopping list
To-do content = tomatoes (check/uncheck)
toilet paper (check/uncheck)
Bread (check/uncheck)

We would not like this shopping list to do list to be in the same list as the house renovations or car restoration etc.

UPDATE: IS THERE A WAY TO ADD A CHECKBOX TO A RITCH TEXT EDITOR? This would be an option such as bullet points used in the same way
This would Solve my issue

Any help or suggestions would be great. If you need more info or context to be able to suggest or assist with solutions please let me know

Just add an icon for checkbox in your repeating group.

Thanks for the response @yamada.shoji99
Yes I tried that, Seemed like the logical solution to me.

But then I am struggling to create multiple entries in the same To-Do Thing. If I do it this way each time the user submits it it will create a new To do thing, rather than adding the new line to the existing to-do thing the user is currently working on.
Or am I completely confusing myself?

I’m obviously still learning here guys so your help and guidance is much appreciated

You probably need to create a To Do List then create another table for the To Do Item

To Do List:

  • Name
  • Due Date
  • Completed
  • To Do Items (List of To Do Item)

To Do Item:

  • Description
  • Due Date (Optional)
  • Completed
  • To Do List (To Do List)

Therefore user can create a To Do Task like “Shopping” then in that “Shopping” To Do, users will able to create a list of To Do’s like buy tomatoes, toilet paper, bread, etc.

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Hey @progressdiary :wave:

I created a quick example of you for a to-do list that you can check out. Here you go:

Editor: testApp42wCleanDB | Bubble Editor

Hope that helps a bit. :blush: Sometimes an example goes a long way.


Thank you very much for this idea, I will look into this and also thank you @J805 for your example in the editor and preview. I will be delving back into my app today to figure this out and will try out both options. I’ll post up the result later so that this thread will hopfully be able to help someone else in future. :crossed_fingers:

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Definitely examples help haha. Thanks again

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No problem. :blush:

Ok so the solution I came up with is:

I created two new Data Types

  1. To-do Parent
    Completed - Yes/No
    Content - text
    Due-date - Date
    Tag - List of Tags
    Title - Text
    To-do list - List of to-do Childs
  2. To-do Child
    Completed - yes/no
    Content - Text
    To-Do Parent - To-do Parent
  • This way I can create alist of To-do tasks that are attached to the parent to-do (title) and I can reference the list of to-do’s from the parent
  • This also allows me to check off the individual tasks and then once they are all completed I can then check off the parent to do and move it to the bottom of the list out of the way and change the colour with conditionals.
  • I added an input element to enter the to do text
  • I added a RG with a single text box and a text element with the expression: Parent group’s To-do child’s Content: capitalized words
  • I also have a delete Icon just incase a mistake was made or the individual task is no longer required.

This way works well (So far haha), I’m open to suggestions for improvements if anyone has any.