Attaching data to user

I am working on a project management app and have a database for Users and seperate database for Projects and use filter created by current users to show the projects for current users.

What is the reason for attaching data to users list? What is the correct way to setup my Project names and data, do I have to attach them to user or just fetch the data to current user?

Do you mean separate data types (tables) for Project and User?

If you’re using the Creator field on the Project data type to link each Project to its User (owner), then it doesn’t seem like a list of type Project would be needed on the User data type.

There might be other considerations, though, so hopefully, more experienced Bubble devs will chime in.

Yea i’m using seperate data tables for both Project and User. I think that for shopping carts attaching them only to User table is good but I wonder if it will save loading time when you have 100 users and two different tables or just one table with a list of things attached?

Well, there will be 2 tables regardless. It’s probably more a question of the nature of your app - i.e. what features/functionality you’ll be implementing (or might implement down the road). For instance, might you want to allow users to play a role in projects created by other users? In that case, a list of projects on the User object makes a lot of sense and might require a way to keep track of the role they play in the various projects - i.e. owner, collaborator, stakeholder, etc.

Is there a way to add collaborator without joining the tables?