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Question regarding user's database before starting

Hello all,

I just started out in Bubble to work on a app idea I had in mind. Loving Bubble builder so far.

I just have one question before I dive deep into Bubble:
Basically I want to create a project management app.
I am working on making a form ( which external people can fill in ) and the data of the filled in form will be stored into a database. Now of course, I am familiar with the data base from Bubble which is visible for me as a Bubble user, but I am wondering if it’s also possible to make a similar data storage for signed up user for my app? So without these users actually having to log into Bubble?

Would be great to hear if this possible

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Hi there, @gm.rogierthe… if I understand your post correctly, you have literally just described the whole point of Bubble. :slight_smile:

I assume you are asking if you can make an app that users can sign up for (i.e., create accounts), use a user interface to create data (or things, in Bubble terms), have those things be stored in Bubble’s database but be attached to the user who created them (i.e., the current user), and let the user who created some things see those things and interact with them, right? If so, that is exactly what you can do with Bubble, and the platform is a perfect fit for a project management-type app.

My apologies if you were asking a much different question and I totally missed the mark, but I assume you are trying to differentiate a Bubble user (i.e., you as the user of the Bubble editor) from a user who has signed up for your app. If that assumption is correct, then keep on rolling with Bubble and get that app built! A word to the wise, though… you are only going to love the platform more and more as you go, and then you, like the rest of us, will blink and be wondering where a night, a weekend, a week, or a whole month went because you were so immersed in what you are building. So, don’t say I didn’t warn you. :wink:


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Hi Mike,

Thanks for your prompt reply, I appreciate it

20 minutes into bubble and I noticed I jumped the gun way to early to make a forum post about the question, it became directly clear that building Databases for user in Bubble is exactly what this application is about (and of coure so many more)

I have been building non-stop last 48 hours…

Thanks again
Kind regards,

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