Auctioning App - can Bubble do this?

Hi all,

This is my first post so be gentle :slight_smile:

I’m looking to implement an app which will allow two groups to offer/bid/agree deals - one group is a supplier and the other a consumer, so a simple business transaction (in theory).

I’m not looking for any functionality anywhere near as complicated as eBay-style features and capability … just simple auctioning/bidding type capability.

Has anyone created an app like this, or aware whether Bubble is even capable of this kind of functionality? I’ve started to create an app with all the user sign-up/login functionality, but can’t see whether there’s any ‘out of the box’ features or logic to allow me to build auctioning/bidding functionality?

I’m an ex-developer (Java Developer > 12 years ago) and still technical, so can handle (most) techy terminology :slight_smile:

Appreciate any advice/steer in advance.

Many thanks


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Many thanks for the speedy reply … we’ll take a look!

We want to provide the capability for businesses (as opposed individuals) to sign up to the service and bid on specific assets, so this may work for us.

Thanks again!