Authentication API


I need help to authenticate a user using an “Access Token” from (Mercado Livre).

I created a new project on the “Mercado Livre” website according to the API.

Question 1) What resource do I use in the API Connector?

The documentation asks to use the “Oauth 2.0” protocol.

The test application created in “Mercado Livre” brought me the following parameters.

Application ID: 410087495354250

Secret Key: zJDcpxgnzLb1Eyc6NtFQGrXGnI64HFBc

Question 2) How do I get the Acces Token? Is it related to the Secret Key mentioned above?

Thank you

API page:



Can someone help me? I am trying to configure it as follows.

I am lost in relation to the structure.

Documentation requires the Oauth 2.0 protocol.

I need a direction.