Help Required for API Connector

Hi, I am unable configure Bubble API Connector.

I am trying to configure below api and unable to connect successfully.

I can share API Key and any other info required.
Can anybody kindly help me.

Link to my bubble app


@romanmg @levon @NigelG
I have successfully implemented first step in API, – DONE - Works Fine

can anyone please let me know how to achieve below with API
Documentation Link

POST /session/token Authenticate and obtain the access_token

-H “X-Kite-Version: 3”
-d “api_key=xxx”
-d “request_token=yyy”
-d “checksum=zzz”

api_key = e8pb1o7nvowe4eln
request_token = 3Go53QPU08logNs4go3o5ztGAOFMcXEt
checksum = 19777407FCBB6746B52991319D6F80282EFC6CA6FC099D02820C34FEB7FA31B0

Thanks in Advance,

That is normally what the API Connector does for you. Is this OAUTH ?


" Once the request_token is obtained from the login flow, it should be POSTed to /session/token to complete the token exchange and retrieve the access_token"

I am not able to understand this.
Please help me with this.
I have attached flow image from API Provider.

Can anyone kindly help me with this step… I am still struck here and not able to get access token.

Thanks in Advance.

@romanmg Gaby, can you please help me with this…?

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