Authentication With Social Network

Is there a way to login to a social network (example spotify) without using it for site authentication? For example, I have a site that uses a form for authentication. I am using the spotify API which is requiring me to obviously log in to spotify. The problem is that if the user already exists in my site, and I try to log the user into Spotify by running “login with social network” I get a popup that says “There is already ab email associated with this account”.

Does this happen even if the user is already logged in? I have email, Google, and FB authentication, and if the user first signs up with email, and logs in with email, then subsequent auths with Google or FB get associated with that user’s account by Bubble.

What happens is that if the user is logged out, and then if you try to use Google/FB or another auth, Bubble thinks two accounts are being created with the same email.

So just log in first using email/Bubble, and when logged in, trigger the auth workflow.

Yes, this happens even after the user is already logged in. Here is what I did…

  1. Logged out of everything
  2. Created new user in my user list and logged in successfully
  3. Navigated to a page that uses spotify and clicked a button that logs me in via social network (my spotify api)
  4. I get prompted to sign into spotify
  5. I get the following error
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same issue with google log in .