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[Login] How to ONLY log in with social login (no signing up)?

Here my case :

  • All my users must be invited by email to be able to log in .
  • Users who have already registered can link their account with their Google / Facebook account.

On my homepage, I show the Popup Log In :

  • Email/Password

@Bubble Since the action does both Signup + login with a social network, can we prevent the creation of a new account if the user click on Facebook or Google ?

The only way I see is deleting the account if User's uses password = no but that’s not a clean way.

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Maybe you can just have the Email/Password login/signup, but once the user is login, Ask him to Connect other Social Media Network?

So then what the point connecting with other social media network if he can’t connect using them later on ? Please explain

Just to be sure
you want the user to Login/Signup using the email/password process right?
So I believe that you want them to connect Google or Facebook to get some information from there or use their API for any other stuff.

Actually, for what I know, If user Login/Signup using in a way (email, google, facebook…) he need to always use the same way to connect. But I may be wrong. There’s few topic about that on the forum.

Not really. I want my users to be able to use log in with their Facebook or Google account if they have already linked their account.

Here’s a topic that may help you:

But for what I know, solutions are very limited

Yes I know. I mentionned that here last night [Log in] Better Email / Social Login

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I remember. I know a lot of system (almost all) that struggling with this. They allow a lot of different way to login and once you have login with one, they cannot handle if you use a different way to login.

Not sure if this is not a bad thing for security. But I believe a solution should be found.

I’m asking about adding restriction so I don’t think there could be a security concern related to my first post.

Were you ever able to find a solution to this?