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Authorize / Capture credit cards

I want to use this new credit card authorization only feature when charging a user.

Let’s say I ‘Authorize the charge only’ for $10 to make sure they have enough balance to cover the final amount but the final amount can vary between $7 and $12, would it be possible to later capture the final charge through bubble?

You won’t be able to capture more than $10. Only the amount the user authorized as a maximum.

For the capture, there is no dedicated action for this (yet ?). You’ve to do it through your Stripe Dashboard.

An advice : use blockspring with stripe service to check the transaction. Very useful to make the verification from bubble.


I’m in the same boat.

Users should be authorized for the FULL AMOUNT… but depending on the number of people signing up for my item, the total gets divided by everyone evenly after a specific time.

So if 5 people buy a 10 dollar item/service/X, each person is charged 2 dollars once the time is up.

How can I set something like this up in Stripe and have it automatically charge the captured cards using the formula Price/#ofpurchasers?

Each user should be authorized for the FULL price just in case any of the other users cancel/back out of their purchase and they are the only one who ended up buying the item instead of sharing costs with multiple users.

Still no answer to this question from 2016? I need this also in 2022