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Separate authorization and capture to create a charge now, but capture funds later

Hi, I have a problem with original bubble stripe plugin with version checkout V3 (test version).
I use “Charge the current user” action with “Authorize the charge only” checked flag. This action returns “Charge Id” field.

In another workflow I use “Capture an authorized charge”. Help says “This action lets you capture a charge that has already been authorized by Stripe” and required field is Charge ID (Charge ID of the charge you want to capture).

When User complete pre-payment (with version checkout V3) show this message: “Your credit card was successfully authorized, but not charged yet”. But in my Dashboard apears that charge was captured.

After this when I use workflow with action: “Capture an authorized charge” show this message with error: “Stripe error: This PaymentIntent could not be captured because it has already been captured”.

When I use Stripe Plugin with version checkout V2 (test version) it’s work but with V3 doesn’t work.

Help me! Please!

Same issue here. I presume that Stripe Test Mode doesn’t handle pre-authorisations for the test cards.

Hello guys

So if it doesn’t work in test version… Is it ok in live version?

Because, I have the same probleme like you and I am in test version.


I have only so far been able to test Stripe ID Verification in live, and there is a difference with how Webhooks worked for that so I am expecting the same for their payment processing in live too.