Auto-binding an input based dynamically on another input


Is the following feasible?

I have a Start Date and End Date inputs.

I want to be able to auto-bind both but modify automatically the value of the second based on the first.

Start Date

End Date with initial content set dynamic.

However once I check the auto-binding the initial content is not taken into account.

Is it possible to make the content refresh in an auto-binded field if dependent dynamically on another value?


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I would do this with an input is changed event instead of autobinding. It gives more control.

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I tried this, but I haven’t been able to figure out the way of changing the value of the second input.
I’m not trying to save to the database automatically. This is something to be decided by the role of the editor.

This is my use case:

  • End User suggests an event and it gets saved to DB with a Waiting Approval state
  • Then an admin role user reviews the event and changes values in the form if needed and changes state to Approved. All via auto-binding given that all the information was already submitted by end-user.
  • One of those values that can change a lot is the Start Date and normally they have a duration of one month so I would like for admins to have pre-filled the second input date with a month difference, but they should have the ability to change the day if the preselected is not convenient in the calendar.

Via “Input is changed event” would be an option if there was an action to change input value on condition. Is this possible?

However for me it seems weird to be able to auto-bind all inputs manually but then if I want to change the initial value to have to go to a workflow. Kind of breaks the flow of auto-binding.

Given that the potential users with auto-binding is restricted to specific roles it would be great to have this option available. Input value to change on another input value. This is possible in normal mode through initial content, but not available with auto-binding.

In the end is to allow pre-calculations done to minimise human errors.


I have 2 fields - Qty & Subtotal
Subtotal’s initial content is calculated by Qty*Product Price
I tried the “when an input’s value is changed” event for Subtotal, the value wasn’t saved after I type Qty and Subtotal’s value changed