Autobind question

Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I can’t get this figured out…
I want to set up a todo-type app and got it all working with input, save buttons and displaying in a list.

Now I want to change the design to have a field autobind and let the user edit the information “in place”.

E.g. the input field “Q1 task” should be editable and then display whatever the user puts in

From what I can see, an input needs a parent element for autobind to work, so I placed the input element inside a container, but can’t get it working correctly

Does someone have a template or example I can check out?

It looks like the Q1 Task is a field under your User type, so the group’s setup should be:

Type of content = User
Data Source = Current User

Now, you can autobind the value of the input to the Current User’s Q1 task. Make sense?

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Ah thanks, that makes sense!
So that is adjusted, the inputs still aren’t displaying / saving any data though…

Any other ideas?

Thanks, much appreciated!

Before you check the box, do you have initial content saved to the input’s value? Initial content = Current User’s Q1 Task.

Also, you needed to enable a privacy rule to allow auto-binding. Are you within the rules of your privacy settings to see and/or autobind that value? For example, you’ll need to be logged in at least. And you should have a rule that enables autobinding to the Q1 field for a logged in user.

Yes, I tried setting the initial content to Current User’s Q1 task, no luck.
Does there need to be an initial value for the task for the autobind to work?

And these the privacy rules are set (the UI gave me a warning before, so I added that rule).

Silly question: Do I still need to add any Workflow events for this to work? E.g. “when element is modified change thing…”. Or am I right in thinking the auto-binding replaces the need for that.

Auto-binding replaces the need for a save workflow. Not a silly question :smile:

You also don’t need a value to already be present for auto-binding to work. Could you share a link to your editor? I can investigate a bit more if I can see your set up.

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Here you go, thanks!

The idea is to have tasks sorted by quarterly, monthly & daily, so I’ve added corresponding database entries to the user data type…

After playing around some more with a traditional input/save as a shim, it’s now showing the database ID for the field in the auto-binding form element, so I’m sure it’s probably just a misconfiguration somewhere in my data structure…

Hello folks.

Got a questions about autobinding. Currently the form shows the value from the DB. Is there a way to have autobinding, but not show the existing value in the input form?

Thanks in advance.