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Auto-binding image with processing by imgix?

Is it possible to use imgix image processing with auto-binding?

I have an image upload that I would like to process with imgix, but when you select auto binding there’s no way to select the imgix options.

Screenshot with auto-binding

Screenshot without auto-binding showing the dynamic image field with processing by imgix

No, not currently. But when you display the image you can add the imgix settings and it looks the same. Generally speaking it’s better not to save stuff like that to the DB.

OK, will need to think about this. I have a user profile page and it allows them to update their picture. I’m using the upload image field as both the mechanism to upload the picture and also display what it looks like after upload/processing with the “apply a circle mask” in imgix. So if that’s not the best way to do it, is there another way to accomplish it without showing two fields?

I would prefer to not have two separate elements (one to display and one to upload) showing on the page.

I thought about overlaying an Image element on top of the Upload Image element, or making the Upload image element hidden, and trying to trigger the Upload Image element by clicking on the Image element, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to simulate/invoke a click through workflow.

Not sure there is a way without 2 fields.

Is there any way that we can reduce the filesize, before uploading the image? Basically reduce image quality before upload, in this way we can reduce the uploading time.
The same way as facebook does

Regards Claudiu

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We added that feature already, that’s at the picture uploader level.

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can we set the max file size? the only option i see is a checkbox
regards Claudiu

Right now we use a generic setting, let’s use that for now and see if that’s a problem.

Hi Emmanuel
Well for me it’s only the upload speed. the app would work much faster if the image size would be smaller. But for an MVP it’s ok.
Thank you for quick response