Auto Click a button after a Workflow?


i have 2 buttons is it possible when i click button 1 and finish the steps it will automatically hit the button 2 also?

all i know the way to do that is to add the button 2 workflow to button 1 but i don’t want that

Wouldn’t adding Button 2’s workflow after Button 1’s workflow give you the same result though? What’s the difference you’re looking for? Keep in mind that you can keep Button 2’s workflow in a Custom Event so that you Trigger that event at the end of the Button 1 sequence.

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Hi thanks for the reply… @romanmg

the reason is my Button has Scheduled Api Workflow when i added the workflow for button 2 in the button 1 it skip the process, because i need button data to be able button 2 to work

what i mean is

my button 1 computes a Total Amount using Schedule Api because it creates multiple data
my button 2 gets the Total Amount then compute a Return Points based on that Total Amount button 1 data

the problem is when i added the workflow button 2 if it start with Step 3 and button 1 is on Step 1 and 2, it seems it Skip Step 1 and 2 and goes to Step 3, not sure why but im guess because schedule api is working in the background and its not finish yet when the workflow go to Step 3

btw i always watch your youtube tutorials :slight_smile:

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You can use “Trigger a custom event when data changes” to help with this.

Button 2’s workflow is in a custom event. Set the custom event’s “Type of Thing” to whatever data type has the Total Amount field.

Before the Schedule API action in Button 1, add the action “Trigger a custom event when data changes” > workflow data = the record involved, field to watch = Total Amount

Now, you’ve created a listener flag so that as soon as Total Amount is updated, the custom event workflow will run.

Yay, I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the videos! Here’s one that applies to this:

Hi, what i did is create a custom event then add the button 2 workflow my type of thing is where the Thing that has the Total Amount field

then before the button 1 i added a trigger custom event when data changes my workflow data is Search for the thing that has the total amount with a constraint of if the Total Amount isn’t empty but nothing happens any idea what i did wrong?

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