Auto highlight / select text at input already filled

Im looking for this at forum and plugin but nothing work.
My need its for search box specific

What I already done:
1 exposed elements with id
2 installed toolbox plugin
3 set id to search box
4 place a workflow to run this javascript at field being visible
(const input =

I cant use a condition “when field is focused” cuz dont exist for search boxes.

Any ideas on this?

Can you try to explain it better? what are you trying to do

Its a simple ux thing, just highlight/select the text alread filled on a input when click on it (focus it)
Instead of user have to click from start to end and highlight.
Its good specialy for long text input using on mobile browsers.

In my case its a search box for geographic places, and some times, this geographic place already filled its ginormous :grin:

I Think i know what you mean you want to be able to select/highlight all the text when you click on it well I’m not sure if this works but you could try this plugin: ‘Input Selection & position’
You can try out the plugin for free to see if it works for what you need.
Sorry I could not be much help.

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