Plugin development request - text highlighting

Hey folks

In need of a simple plugin:

  • plugin watches input/multiline input (using HTML ID)
  • plugin returns (probably through an event) the highlighted text and its character position (number range) in the text
  • a nice to have would be being able to set a hotkey so that the event only triggers when Ctrl+D is pressed for example, but I can set this up using other methods if it adds too much to price

Would be nice to have this ASAP (this week even). If you’re up for it, DM me:

  • ballpark cost (range is fine)
  • any past plugin work
  • code ownership requirements (I appreciate you may charge different rates depending on whether the client owns the code or you release it on the marketplace yourself)

Please message me the above, not just ‘contact me for more info’…

Not a plugin…

But simple enough to do with a JavaScript To Bubble Element and a few lines of JavaScript:

Selected Text (

Might be a starting point…


Neat, love it. I need to invest some time into learning how to use Javascript more with Bubble.

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Hello there!

I think you might find our plugin useful, as it cover most of what you need. It also supports searching through inputs and multiline inputs, which was recently added as a new feature. You can check out the plugin page here: Highlight Text Plugin | Bubble. We suggest you try out our demo and read the plugin’s documentation to see how it works and if it suits your needs.

I hope this helps you with your project, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or feedback. :blush: