Auto width on text elements

I’ve been trying to make an element in the header show the name of the current user but I want it to resize in relation to the amount of text within it. Is there any way currently to do this?

Basically, everything should float to the right but depending on how long the name is that text box should resize itself.

Thanks for any help!

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We currently don’t support this.

Is it possible to include this on the future improvements…?


Hi everyone, I’m looking for the same behaviour, is there any workaround for this?

A way to resize the text element containing user’s name would be good enough in my case.

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4 years and we still don’t have it… unbeliavable.


@emmanuel Any update on this?

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It’s so hard to Bubble team add auto width to text? I do know it uses fixed div elements to display another elements inside it, but it should have a way to do it without plugins, CSS and HTML…

It’s a basic feature of any website.



5 years almost… any news, I’ve been looking for plugins that allow so but didn’t find any.
(I know you can use conditions to do that but that is very time-consuming and does not always give the best result…)