Autobind dropdown hidden fields

Hi all,

I am not sure why I am getting a message that says that 4 of my thing fields are hidden.

This is how i have set the privacy rule.

Are these fields nested within this data type?


I am not sure what “Nested within this data type” means.
Here’s the capture of my data type for the fields in question.

I think they are “NESTED” since they are of a different custom data type.
Although, Golf_Round_Date_Played is of type date.
Golf_Round_Player is of type user.
Golf_Round_Club_ID is of type: Golf Club (a type I created)
Golf_Round_Course_ID is of type: Golf Course (a type I created)

I don’t think the privacy rule in your screenshot is the one being mentioned in the debugger (if it is then something is wrong)…

What other rules do you have on that datatype?

Th e only rules I have are:

I added this privacy rule and still getting the same error in debugger.

Although I get the error (warning) message about hidden fields,… the fields values are updated correctly in step 3 (screen capture 4). However, in my UI, I do not see the bound field changing (Screen capture 3).

In the workflow, I do this:

Then this:


Fields are upated in thing:

I asked about “nested” or linked fields coming from other data types, as it could be privacy rules set specifically on those other data types.

But analyzing here, one of the fields is “Golf_Round_Date_Played”, which is not a field from another data type, so I believe that is not the case.

OK. Thanks. I created a support ticket referencing this post to