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Can we change the privacy of data type to be private unless shared?

I am creating a website where users can create campaigns and invite contributors to contribute to the campaign.

I have a ‘campaigns’ data type for this. I would like to set up the privacy rule such that the campaign is not publicly visible unless the campaign host shares the unique campaign link with potential contributors. Bottomline is that only users (logged in or not) who have the campaign link can see it.

Is it possible in bubble? If so, how? Thanks!

Hi there, @gifttogether2023… I’m not sure about the not logged in part (that would get tricky, I think), but something you could consider is having a field on the Campaign data type (I called the field contributors in my example) that stores a list of users with whom the campaign has been shared. With that field in place, you could create the following privacy rules, and you should get the desired result for contributors who are logged in.

Anyway, just food for thought… hope it helps.


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Thank you so much! I’ll give that a shot.

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I am trying to create the privacy rule based on the screenshot you posted. However, when trying to create a rule: ‘This Campaign’s Contributors contains Current User’, it asks to add another field of the Current User. And I do not see ‘email’ field in the dropdown (as you can see in the screenshot). What am I missing? User data type has built-in ‘email’ field.

Thoughts please? Thanks!

What is the field type of your Contributors field? I’m guessing it’s a text field? If it is, you should delete that field and create another one with a field type of User (and still a list, of course).

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You nailed it! It’s resolved now. Thank you so much!

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