Autobinding Yes / No Dropdown

Hi there Bubble Community,

I am using a drop down with Choice Style being Dynamic Choices
Type of choice is yes / no
I am autobinding this to a data thing where the data type is yes / no
I am not able to set the Choices source. I should be able to set this to yes and no as there are the only choice sources relevant but I am not able to do this.
Seems simple but I just seem to be stuck

Help anyone??


Hey @duke.severn,
are you able to help me with this?

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Hello, Frank,

Great question! Couple options here. You might define the dynamic choices based on a search for the yes/no field in your database, or you could define static choices as “yes/no” if saving to a text field. You can find some examples of these options here. Let us know if that helps!

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You can create an option set (called boolean maybe) with an additional attribute, let’s call it yes/no (not the Display field) that is a yes/no field type and then use “Get an Option”, All Boolean’s yes/no and you can find it from there.


You need to define the data type on the parent group. It’s quite tricky to find out

Thanks Jess,
I went with this solution which is working however it seems like a bit of a workaround to something that should work ‘out of the box’
Regardless, it’s now working so thank you!

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Thanks Dave, I did not understand your response on first read but now I do. I did go with Jess’s response but I like your’s better and will change as I think important to have the as an option set rather than a thing so the data gets published each time the app gets published. Cheers mate

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