AutoGPT integration

Hi good people

Has anyone managed to integrate AutoGPT with their bubble app?

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Am looking for the same

Hi, Sounds interesting. Just out of curiosity, can you give me some ideas of what you could do with that? Thank you

The possibilities are endless. I’d suggest researching some use cases.

Thx. I understand some of the use cases of AutoGPT, but I’m curious about how you see Bubble come into play. All good, if you want to keep it confidential.

Automated Application generation. Prompt “create an inventory application to track company water bottles”. Base application would then be built from the LLM prompt.

I think you meant “Automated Application Boilerplate generation”

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Why couldn’t it do backend workflows as well?

I like the sound of that. How could one do that?

Bubble could. Or anybody having access to sizeable application source code repository.