Bubble.io's Integration with LLM ( ChatGPT ) for Automated Application Development

I would like to propose Bubble.io enhance its platform’s capabilities by integrating a large language model (LLM) into the visual development environment. By allowing users to automatically create and generate full applications based on LLM prompts, this integration would streamline development, lower the entry barrier for non-technical users, and free up developers to focus on innovation. As you have seen Microsoft do this with demos of Power Automate or now new capabilities with AutoGPT using LLM to create the basis of an application would be an amazing starting point. Features could look like autocomplete, context-aware suggestions, automatic layout generation, and adaptability to various application types. The powerful combination of LLM technology and Bubble.io’s platform has the potential to revolutionize application development, making it more accessible, efficient, and reliable, while solidifying Bubble.io’s position as a leader in AI-driven application development.

I think they are working on something like this. Their recent AI-fellowship program seemed to be focused on figuring out how to use LLMs with their platform - something along the lines of using an LLM with their AST (abstract syntax tree) for representing apps. I’m not sure though, and I imagine others on here know more about it.