Automatic data submission

Hi everyone, first post here!

I am having issues with auto-binding and seem to be going round in circles - getting so close but no cigar!

I am summing integers on one page, which is being summed on that page and being displayed in an input. This data is then stored in database A, separate from the user.
On a separate page, database A has certain fields displayed, including the total submitted from the first page and each subsequent submission, listed in a repeating group with this data being totalled in a ‘total input’ at the bottom of the page.

I need the summed integers being displayed on page 2 to be submitted to a ‘total’ field in the User database automatically, without any buttons on customer input. I have managed to get autobinding to work, to an extent, BUT I have to physically trigger the change in the input for the data to change in the user database. I cannot seem to figure out a way to automatically trigger this when the data is changed - even if it is when the button on the first page is triggered, thus triggering the event. Trying to figure out a way without having to use a google sheets API

Any suggestions would be really appreciated! :smiley:



I have gotten to the stage where if I disable ‘Input disabled’ and ‘Prevent Enter…’ I can press enter and the data is submitted into the database and change accordingly. I cannot figure out a way for this to be automatically done when a new piece of data is submitted, thus increasing the value of this input.


when you go over from your design tab to workflows you can click the empty box to select “when an inputs value is changed”.
You can use this to recalculate a field for the user
eg when input value is changed , make changes to current user. points = input 1s value plus input 2 s value.

At a more complex level, if the initial inputs are also saved to the database, then you can use backend triggers.
I have a tutorial on these here: Tutorial: Database Trigger Events - YouTube