Automatically export App Data at midnight

I need to automate the process of exporting an App data view to a csv file every night for a week. It needs to be from the live database that contains all of the users. Can I do this or do I have to manually request an export every night?

Explore how recurring backend workflows work

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Sorry I could have been more clear, I have seen tutorials where backend workflows set up emails before, I’m not having trouble getting to that point. It’s getting the csv file that bubble makes when I click on data → app data → live database → export into the attach file in the send email workflow, or getting that file into bubble at all for that matter.

Hey @d00219125,

Check out this workflow action!


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Hi- I don’t see download data as CSV in my droup down?

I also do not see any Download data as CSV option in the Data action, In Backend Workflows. Does this require a certain subscription? I’m on the personal plan.